Why do we shoot together?

Why do we shoot together aka why are we doing what we are doing and what is our mission?

To write an eye-catching and at least a bit open-minded article about yourself is like to pour a glass of a pure wine… and because we would like to keep at least a little bit our foots on the ground, we did a little research among our friends and families. Their answer was usually a variation to: Well, because you guys are so good together!

At first it may seem like an elegant and easy way to dodge the question. At the same time it sounds so sweet, that every single one of you should check his screen and prevent it from crashing… Below this sweet crust, however, there is an even sweeter content: We simply enjoy it, we can express ourselves in our way and we get to meet cool people, who see the world from the same perspective as we do!

And because we both are still full-time employees in other companies and photography is (so far) only our hobby during weekends and late nights, it is more than clear that if we did not enjoy it, it wouldn´t be possible to work like this in longterm perspective. At the moment we are in the middle of our 3rd wedding season and we are not giving up…on the contrary!


Many people are asking us, if it is even a good idea to run business with your partner. That is why we decided to compose this article as our personal confession towards this topic.

You may have read on our website how we´ve come up with the idea to start Storytellers Photography together. It simply came from our observation, that the task to find proper wedding photographer is not easy at all. And because the idea to start some project together was already there…suddenly it was all so clear!

Clear in the way, that we can move our photography skills into higher level, if we shoot together, because…

…we can inspire and encourage each other during photoshooting…

…we can afford to go further = try a bit risky shots or angles, because we can be sure, that our partner covers our back…

…our roles during photoshoot are more-or-less specified and we both feel comfortable and safe in them…

…we like challenges and we know, that you deserve (and always expect) the best!


Although it may not seem like that at a first glance, wedding photography is quite challenging (because we love to shoot whole story of wedding day, so we are shooting from early morning till late night hours) and it is a damn good feeling to know that you can stop for a while and think of interesting poses or angles because you know, that your other half will cover the job…With this approach we know that we can achieve even better results.

And so far we spoke only about the first part of our job. The second part is about picking out the best photos and of course post-production and it takes us about the same time as the first part. Here is the thing, that one of us can replace the other also very handy, because midnight editing of photos can be very, very, very exhausting.

But of course all of that is worth it! We are grateful for „mission“ of our job, that we can capture the most precious moments of your lives and become members of your big family (at least) for a while. This feeling afterwards, when you are looking at our photos and just have memories of this great day and lovely people again is definetly worth it.

Alright, that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed it!