Why do we shoot together?

Why do we shoot together aka why are we doing what we are doing and what is our mission? To write an eye-catching and at least a bit open-minded article about yourself is like to pour a glass of a pure wine… and because we would like to keep at least a little bit our […]

Editorial #1: Wedding dress

To choose right wedding dress may seem at the begining as quite easy task, but truth be told, it is challenging and not only for your wallet…. Wedding can be organized a bit differently than on luxury castle wearing expensive rental wedding dress. If you don´t desire  fluffy wedding dress to be in the center […]

Travel #1: Vietnamese ride

This January was quite special for us – for a very first time we decided to visit Asia. As a destination for our vacation we chose Vietnam – and oh yes, we have to admit, that vietnamese kitchen has played a major role in this decision. At first we had no intention to blog remarks […]

What topics will be on blog?

If you think, that blog on website of two photographers will be only about photography, do not be mistaken. Through our blog we would like to share with you inspiration not only for your wedding, but also some stories from our lives and last but not least give you some insight into our photos. Every photo has its own […]