About us

We are Petra and Ondřej – destination wedding photographers, husband and wife and best buddies. We like to capture stories about love.

When we were searching for a wedding photographer for our own wedding couple of years ago, it really surprised us, that there were so few photographers, who fulfilled our requirements about photos full of life and emotions. We did not want awkward and static poses, frozen smiles and scary glances at the camera. We were looking for photos, which can tell the whole story of the day… And just like that came to life a thought, which we later called Storytellers.


And if you are now thinking, who should be the right photographer for you, we have here few reasons, why you should choose us:

We are two

And that is indeed more than one! We cooperate during photo-shooting and are able to capture all important moments. From our experience we know, that even if we are looking at the same thing, we both capture it a bit differently – from different angle, different colors or different focus. Or we are both in different places and in this case we can capture as twice as much….

Personal approach

If you choose us, we would like to meet you before your important day, talk about your interests, favorites and your story. When we get to know you better, we will be able to shoot you in more natural way and our photos will be able to tell the story of the whole day even to your distant auntie.

Timely delivery

Of course we understand, that your auntie would like to see your wedding photos ASAP! That is why we don´t sleep during nights and edit your photos, to be able to give them to you as soon as we possibly can. We give you our word, that it will not last longer than 14 days.


last but not least – the most important thing, when it comes to photography. Photos should serve you as a life-time memory, so you could anytime think of all of these gentle moments, touchng feelings and great people, who spent that day with you. And we will do everything we can, to create such photos for you.